“I’m different, brother I’m different. Let’s take a trip to the west side of Brisbane.” It’s July 2019 and an unknown 20-year-old Goodna rapper has just recorded his first ever song Say Less in one take at the Six Degrees Studio in Brisbane. He does so without any expectations that it would help place him at the forefront of the sleeping giant that is the Australian hip hop scene. Months later, with none of the label funding, PR plugs, or distribution services backing of his counterparts, Lisi uploads the track online and before long, that is exactly where the New Zealand born rapper finds himself.

“I thought it would maybe get 1000 views, 2000 views, 5000 views,” he recalled. The debut single is now verging on three and a half million views on Youtube and he rakes in a casual 150,000 listeners a month on Spotify from all parts of the globe, however Lisi is quick to reject the label of a ‘drill rapper’ that ultimately came with the song’s popularity.

The young emcee knows nothing but letting the music speak for itself; the release of follow-ups Got This, The Come Up and Fists Up all displaying a sonic versatility and formidable pen game. Meanwhile, Lisi prides himself on continuing to use his platform to motivate and inspire youth – warning against the perils of gang violence and the use of weapons often referenced by other emerging rappers from the AU.

When Melbourne schoolboy Solomone Taufeulungaki was tragically stabbed to death in June of 2020, he spoke publicly, reiterating his intention to positively influence the culture. As a leader of the booming culture of Polynesian rappers, his voice carried weight and power reaching all corners of the internet, such is the respect for the message he refuses to stray from.


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